DE-147S – Confidential Supplement To Duties And Liabilities Of Personal Representative (Probate Form)

The DE-147S (available on the Judicial Council Forms site) is a supplemental probate form to the DE-147, the Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative. The DE-147S provides certain information about the proposed personal representative to the court.

Here’s a sample of what the DE-147S looks like:

The DE-147S is pretty easy to fill out. Paragraph 1 is the name of the personal representative. Paragraph 2 is the personal representative’s date of birth. Paragraph 3 is the personal representative’s driver’s license number and state of issue.

This form is confidential and doesn’t become part of the public record.

Be careful about checking your county’s local rules to ensure the form is completed and filed when needed (if needed). For example, Sacramento County requires it, but Yolo County doesn’t.

As a probate attorney serving the Sacramento region, I’m happy to take on your case in Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter, Yuba, El Dorado, and Solano Counties.

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