Practice Areas

Estate Planning

The Law Offices of Brian D. Russ began as an estate planning firm and continues to focus on helping individuals protect their assets and plan for the future. Learn more about our estate planning services by calling or texting (916) 750-5155.

See the Estate Planning Prices page for cost of services.


The Law Offices of Brian D. Russ walks with clients through the probate process. Learn more about our probate services by calling or texting (916) 750-5155.


Warranty protections, private sales, small claims, and everything of the like is supposed to be “easy”, but we’ve found it can be anything but. So we offer affordable services to help walk clients through the sticky situations. We’ve found that most of the time we can settle the matter before ever reaching court. Learn more about our general litigation services by calling or texting (916) 750-5155.

Typical cases include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Contract Disputes
  • Online reputation protection

Election Law

Brian’s academic background focused on voting rights and campaign finance. Brian is ready to represent you, your campaign, or your committee in any dispute related to voting rights, elections, campaign finance, redistricting, or other related fields. Learn more about our election law services by calling or texting (916) 750-5155.