What Agency Handles the Review of Trademark Applications?

In the United States, the agency responsible for reviewing trademark applications is the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO is a federal agency that is responsible for examining and issuing patents and trademarks, maintaining records of patents and trademarks, and providing information to the public about patents and trademarks.

The USPTO has a number of specialized examining units that are responsible for reviewing and examining trademark applications in different industries and for different types of marks. These units are staffed by trademark examiners who are trained to review and evaluate trademark applications for compliance with the legal requirements for trademark registration.

Trademark examiners review trademark applications to ensure that they meet the necessary legal requirements, including requirements related to the distinctiveness of the mark, the availability of the mark, and the proper classification of the goods or services associated with the mark. If the trademark application meets these requirements, the USPTO will issue a trademark registration. If the application does not meet the requirements, the USPTO will issue an office action indicating the issues that need to be addressed in order for the application to be approved.

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