Character Reveal? CLOD – Disney Pixar Elemental Trademark Watch

Hey everyone, this is attorney Brian Russ coming at you with another episode of Brian’s Trademark Watch. As you know, the purpose of these trademark watch episodes are for me to kind of read the tea leaves, look at new filings in the trademark office from some of the major IP companies in the world and try to make a prediction of what’s coming up. And so this one is about Disney Pixar’s new movie Elemental. I covered their previous trademark applications in another video, but today, it’s a character reveal or I should say, I’m assuming it’s a character reveal, I’m guessing it’s a character name reveal based on what the filings that happened and what’s kind of going on the past. And so as you can see, there’s a new filing that was put in just a few days ago. So it was on June 13, about a week ago and it was for the name Wade. This was filed by Disney. You can see Disney enterprises, the goods and services are for toys, games, etc, etc. And that was not really surprised because if you look at the Twitterverse, you look at what’s going on. We know that there was two characters already named. There’s Wade, who looks like a surfer dude, he looks like he represents that the water element and then there is the additional character Ember that was also called out, looks like a fire gal of some kind. A female presenting fire character and you can see it’s similar. Similar class, Class 28 toys, games, ornaments etc, etc, also owned by Disney enterprises. And so the same thing though. It was filed on the same day, June 13 2022, same class, toys, games, etc. Ember, then we have Wade, toys games, June 13 2022. Now the important thing is that it’s not like Disney is filing these applications and saying, oh, these are the character names for our new movie, right? They’re not saying that, all they have to say for the governmental filing is that they intend to use it, they put it here in class 1(b). So they’re saying hey, we have a bonafide intent that we plan to use these names in conjunction with goods and services. And so again, reading the tea leaves, they’ve already announced one the character’s name is Wade. They’ve already announced one of the characters names is Ember, right? And so this is the reveal. They filed three applications on the same day, all very similar. And the character revealed name is Clod. So what I’m guessing is at this character is gonna be some type of earth element, right? I think Clod like a clod of dirt. Right we have with Wade, wading in water, we have Ember and embers lead to fire and then if Clod, piece of earth. Just the name itself sounds like clotted dirt. What I like about all these names, is that they’re double entendres and double entendres are very important in the trademark realm, because with a double entendre, you can argue that it is not just a name, but it also elicits some type of connotation, which allows it to have more protection than if it were just name. If it were just Steve, right, it’d be different. It allows for play on words. It allows us to have greater level of protection. So that’s why you know, reading tea leaves as my prediction is that we’ll see a third character named Clod, and I’m going to call it out and say I said it here first, alright? Go look up any other YouTube video right now talking about Disney’s Pixar Elemental look at the blogs. Nobody’s calling it out, right? You heard it here first. The next character, I’m assuming that’s going to be announced for Disney Pixar Elemental, is going to be an earth dude named Clod. I’m guessing based on the name, maybe kind of a frumpy guy. I think Clod is has a connotation that is kind of, you know, frumpy, whatever. But we’ll see. All right. Hey, have a good one.

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