3 Levels of California Civil Court [60 Second Law Bite]

Hey everyone! This is attorney Brian Russ coming at you with another 60 second Law Bite. So today’s topic is the three levels of civil claims in California courts. There are three levels of civil claims. They start first with the small claims cases. Small Claims cases are those that are worth $10,000 or less. So $10,000 or less if you’re suing somebody. Now that only applies if you’re an actual person. If you’re a corporation and you want to sue somebody the limits even smaller, it’s $5,000. So small claims is where we started off at $10,000, generally. The next one is what’s called limited civil. Limited civil, is in the event that you can sue somebody up to $25,000. So limited civil is $25,000, there is still an efficient, effective disposition of the case, it moves through a lot faster than the unlimited claims. It allows you to have an attorney represent you, allows you greater discovery. So small claims is $10,000, limited civil is $25,000. And then there’s unlimited civil, which is exactly as it sounds, it’s unlimited. You know, millions or billions of dollars. Again, these are just for civil claims. Family law cases, probate cases, bankruptcy, those are all different and bankruptcy is not even in California court. All right. That’s it!

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