Disney’s Last Days of the Space Age Trademark Application [Brian’s TM Watch]

Hey everyone, its attorney Brian Russ coming at you with another episode of Brian’s trademark watch. So today we’re looking at a new trademark from Disney Company and it is called Last Days of the Space Age. It was my understanding the Last Days of the Space Age is going to be a stromedy series for Disney Plus, somewhere based in Australia. And so we can see here that what Disney has filed for is the trademark application, just for the words, just for the standard character mark Last Days the Space Age, not a logo. It’s not any particular way that the word is appearing. It’s just can we use any font any style last days with the space age? And so we can go down here and we can look at the goods and services. And we see here that Disney has applied for class 41 which is very standard for entertainment services, education services, distribution and production services. This is pretty much the class and the goods and services that they always use when they are applying for a new TV show or movie or something of that sort. So nothing too exciting here, we see it’s class 1(b) and they applied for this a couple of weeks ago, on May 19. Now what I found interesting, though, is that there was a second application for Last Days of the Space Age by Disney. So let me toggle to it. So this is a second application and what I found interesting was that they’re actually applying for it in class 9009 which is like scientific technical goods, apparatus. So you can see here in the goods and services that Last Days of the Space Age they’ve applied for a trademark in relation to goods which which I found very interesting because generally on shows and such, we see a lot of applications for toys and clothing, the kind of standard stuff you’d expect to see with merch, but in this one it’s apparatus for recording or for video game software or for computer programs. You can see down here decorative magnets, binoculars, rulers, microphones, so I’m thinking that there might be some merch associated with this and I’m guessing it’s going to be kind of like science related merch. You know I’m thinking like the helmets, the rulers, microphones, but I don’t really know. I find it kind of kind of interesting because you know, they go in there and they talk about swim masks and swim goggles. So I’m not really sure where this is going. I did not see any other trademark applications for Last Days of the Space Age in kind of the standard merch categories. You would you would expect again clothing, toys, collectibles, things like that. And so when I saw this in scientific and technical apparatus, I was kind of intrigued and so I’m going to be watching this one closely see what happens. Alright, well that’s it for today. We will catch you next time!

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