Disney Fightflow Trademark Application [Brian’s TM Watch]

Hey everyone its attorney Brian Russ coming at you with another episode of Brian’s trademark watch. So today’s episode is on a new application that came in from Disney. As you know, I think Disney is a major player in the intellectual property world. I think they are one of the key examples of what trademark portfolios can and should look like. And they are exceptional at protecting their interests and their brands. And so today I found this interesting, they filed for this new trademark, for the word mark, Fightflow. So look here at the drawing, it’s just a standard character mark, Fightflow, one word, which means when they’re doing a standard character mark, meaning that they can use it in any font, any style. It is not locked into a specific one. So they’re asking for a trademark for the word, Fightflow. They filed it just last week. You can see I’m going to open up all the information here is that they filed it a 1(b) basis, which means that it is an intent to use basis. I mean, Disney is not using it, or they’re not alleging they’ve used it yet, but they intend to use it and you’ll see that is for class 41. And class 41 is a services class rather than goods and services. And as they put the services here as entertainment services, education services, distribution services, production services, so what we see with Disney applications is that they use class 41. And four specific items, when they want to file for a trademark, for a show, or you know a series, maybe something like Disney plus or movie, now Disney hasn’t announced what Fightflow is yet but what I can tell you what my guess is from watching this, reading the application, is that they are intending to release a show called Fightflow or they are intending to release a movie called Fightflow. We don’t know yet, I’m going to guess that it’s a Disney Plus show. Based on some other things in the application I’ve seen, I’ll explain it later. But I think that it’s going to be interesting to watch to see what happens. So you know, be on the lookout for Disney Fightflow. I’m guessing they’re going to release it soon. Usually Disney puts out their trademark applications right around the time they make an announcement. So we saw this with, Marvel Snap. We saw that trademark application come in the end of April and it made an announcement last week. We saw that with Disney Pixar Enchanted, they put they announced it and they put in the trademark application just a day or two beforehand. So I expect sometime this week, maybe this week or by latest mid June, we’ll find out what Fightflow is. But that’s it for today.

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