Served a Lawsuit? Next Steps [60-Second Law Bite]

Hey everyone, its attorney Brian Russ coming at you with another 60 second law bite. So this law bite is on what to do if you have been served a lawsuit so I get this a lot people asked me or I get calls, they say, “Hey, I was served a lawsuit, you know, six weeks ago, what do I do now?” This really goes to just California but it’s really best practice. The key is that you need to talk to an attorney. If you’ve been served a lawsuit, there starts to be a very specific timeline in which you can respond in an appropriate way. And you basically prejudiced yourself if you don’t respond on time. The other party can ask for a default, and there’s other things like that. Also one of the best things to do is when an attorney knows about the suit is that we can actually reach out to the other side or make a plan but if you come to us, you know, a week to go before the deadline or after the deadline, it really limits our options and limits our ability to prepare the proper answer. So if you’ve been served a lawsuit contact an attorney right away, do not wait!

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