MARVEL SNAP?? New Marvel Trademark [Brian’s Trademark Watch]

Hey everyone this is attorney Brian Russ here. I’m a trademark attorney based out of California. Running my own practice, visit me at So I like to do these trademark watch videos, just to let you know kind of things I’ve seen that have come through in applications. I love watching the big IP players, Disney, Pixar, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. I love watching to see what they do, they employ some of the best, So anyways, I see this new application come through for MARVEL SNAP, and I love Marvel Studios. Excited to go see the new Doctor Strange movie coming out today! To prove my bonafides, I have legitimate questions about how Ant Man can be super strong when he’s tiny, and he has the same super strength when he is humungous. It does not seem to make sense to me on a quantum level and I hope that it’ll be explained further in a future movie. But anyways, so this new trademark application comes out. The filer was Marvel characters, Inc. They appear to the IP holding company for Marvel Studios and or other Marvel ventures with Disney. I saw this application come through from MARVEL SNAP, (there’s actually two applications, which I found fascinating). We’ll go through that in a second. But this first application I looked at, (it’s filed April 25th 2022), and it was filed in the class 1B which means “intent to use.” That means that Marvel is not necessarily using that trademark or that mark at this time, but they’re kind of putting in a priority registration. I shouldn’t say priority registration, that’s the wrong term of art, but they’re trying to get ahead of the curve by saying they intend to use this name at some point, right? So I look at these new applications, one of the first things I always looking at is, what the goods and services are. This is on the USPTO website, this is public information. Y’all can go look it up if you want, none of this is trade secret in anyway, this is literally a public record. But you can see that what Marvel has filed for here you can see so they’re intending to use this name, MARVAL SNAP, for these goods and services. You can see them here laid out: entertainment services provided by the Internet, providing online video games, providing online computer games, and provision of games via cellular telephone communication. So I’m looking at this and I’m thinking, I mean, I’m just guessing, I have no idea I’m not involved with this in any way. I love to look into the crystal ball for lack of a better word. What I’m guessing is that this is going to be some type of app, some type of software, some type of entertainment hub, where you can go in and you can play Marvel video games. Where you can go in and possibly look at comics, some type of non downloadable content. I’m assuming it’s going to be something behind a paywall where you can go in and look at this but it’s some type of nascent entertainment hub for Marvel Comics, take into that base, right because this provision of games cellular telephone communications, such as cell based or something like that. Maybe like a Disney plus? Because it’s an app, it’s a website, it’s this multimedia platform. Something in MARVEL SNAP might be similar, I don’t want to say it’s going to be Disney plus, but it might be a component of it. Again, crystal ball, I have no idea, I’m spit balling here. Sometimes these companies will put out these trademark applications, they put all these goods and services in they they’re going to say yeah, I intend to do it, but really might be one of the five and in there that they’re really intending to do, the others are going to drop off but at this point, they have a bonafide intention. This is a federal document so you can’t just go ahead and lie and mislead people but you know, intent is broad, I’ll say it that way. So like I said, they put in two trademark applications, both for MARVEL SNAP and looking at the one ending an 804, (they also put one in ending an 809, so most likely they had these load up at the same exact time hit approve, hit submit at the same time.) And so this one, it’s slightly different, still Marvel SNAP, the market they’ve applied for. But you can see the goods and services right are slightly different. This is what interested me, is that these ones are much more focused on other things, right. So you have downloadable comics, downloadable computer software, right? The the other ones you saw, were non downloadable, were not actual goods. They were all things you could say in the metaverse in the, you know, online realm. I laughed about when I saw here, I saw that they said, part of the goods that they’re providing for their attending provider of the MARVEL SNAP umbrella is multimedia software recorded on CD ROM. I don’t know if anybody is commercially producing stuff for sale on CD ROM so I just found that funny. I thought I’d call that out. Maybe they are, I mean obviously like I said these guys are the best of the best. I think the Disney IP attorneys are phenomenal. Also they put on there multimedia software record on DVD, downloadable computer game software via global computer network. So we’ll see. I mean, like I said, I’m guessing this is all pretty much related to games and comics, we saw that in both the applications. So these are downloadable comics, downloadable games, and then kind of the tools to download them. The other one right is entertainment services provided by the internet, video games, online games, and computer enhancements for games, non downloadable comics. So I’m thinking some type of entertainment hub again, probably to access games and comics, maybe to be comics within games, not necessarily comic books themselves, but I’m sure there’s some type of comic in there. So we’ll have to see. Usually the trademark office, the USPTO takes six to nine months to even look at an application. And so what we’re going to see from the USPTO is that they’re going to look at the application six to nine months. In the meantime, Marvel could go ahead and release this thing. There’s nothing stopping them. They don’t have to wait for the trademark application to be approved. They don’t have to wait for the USPTO to review it. So my guess is that they came up with the name and they probably they have some product in line that’s going to come out soon. And we’re going to have to wait and see what it is but until then! If you’ve got trademark questions, feel free reach out to my office. I’m going to be doing these trademark videos, trademark watch videos, like I said, there’s a lot of IP companies out there, but there are companies that have substantial IP that are branding and IP savant wizards, I would say that I just really appreciate and I like to see what they’re doing. So I watch these guys and I think I’m going to start doing videos to kind of give the internet my opinion on it. And if you want to pursue a trademark, feel free to reach out we’ll go from there. Hey, all right. Have a good one!

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