What is a Copyright? [60-Second Law Bite]

Hey everyone this is attorney Brian Russ coming at you with another 60 second law bite. This one is on “what is a copyright”. A lot of people ask me “what is a copyright.” A copyright is a form of intellectual property protection that protects artistic or creative works. So we see copyright protection generally on, you know, musical works, drawings or paintings, books, poems, movies and choreography. Those are kind of the big five in the copyright world. A lot people think that you you have to get registered to be protected. Technically, copyrightable works are protected at the moment of creation as long as those rights are enforced, but you get a much greater level of protection if you actually register those works with the copyright office. So there’s an incentive there to register the work to the copyright office because there can be much greater damages if somebody does infringe on you, as compared to if you do not register with the copyright office. So for example, this video, I could register with the copyright office. I’m not going to because there’s likely going to be no infringement on this video and if there is, no money will be made so there’s a waste of my money to register with the copyright office. But that’s just an example of what a copyrightable work can be.

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