When to Trademark Your Brand Name [60 Second Law Bite]

Hi everyone is attorney Brian Russ coming at you with another 60 second law bite. So today’s topic is about when to trademark your brand. I always tell people, the earlier the better. The situation you don’t want to get in is you don’t want to invest an incredible amount of capital in your branding or in your brand, only to find out later that the name maybe was are taken by somebody or that you can’t trademark it for whatever reason, and the name itself is not protected. So the example I like to give, in reference to minor league baseball teams or major league baseball teams. I’m a big baseball fan. So here I have this baseball and it has the logos for every team in the Oakland A’s farm system as of a few years ago. If you think about it in the farm system there’s teams at the low level, Single-A or farm league, they likely need to trademark their name before the season starts before they start using it but then you think about like at the major league level where they’re, you know, putting in tens of millions of dollars. We look at the Cleveland guardians trademark debacle. So earlier the better and get on it!

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