Used Car Sales Warnings! [60 Second Law Bite]

Used Car Sales Warnings! [60 Second Law Bite]

Hey everyone! This is attorney Brian Russ coming at you today to talk about use car sales warnings. It’s our 60 second Law Bite Clip of the Day! So I get a lot of calls about used car sales and how they’ve gone wrong and what people can do. I have four tips I want you to keep in mind if you’re going to look to buy a used car. First, when you’re buying a used car you need to treat every sale as an as a sale, go get an inspection, go figure out if something’s wrong with the car and do not rely on the representations of the car salesman because a lot of times they’re wrong. They may not be misleading you but they might be wrong or they don’t know the history of the car. So get an inspection and treat the cars an as in sale. The second thing is that the lemon law may not apply. Lemon law does not always apply to used car situations. So do not rely on the thought that maybe a lemon law will protect you. The third tip is there might be a Carfax report or inspection report, but sometimes they’re out of date or not the newest information or hasn’t updated on there yet. So don’t necessarily always rely on the Carfax report because there may be a recent accident in history that you don’t know about. And fourth and finally trust your gut! You know what a good car is you know what to do. So trust yourself. I do!

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