Trademark Classes of the United States Patent Trademark Office

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Hey everyone this is attorney Brian Russ, copyright, trademark I’m from Brian Russ law incorporated an attorney out in California serving clients nationwide for copyright and trademark registration. And so, you know, today’s video is to give you a broad overview of trademark classes and why they exist and what their uses and what those trademark classes are before I get going I have to give you a few disclaimers first disclaimer is that this video is not legal advice, it is not made for any particular person or any particular situation it is informational and educational only if you have a particular situation where you need legal advice, I encourage you to retain an attorney to help you with your situation by your viewing of this video no attorney client relationship forums and finally to the extent this video can be considered an advertisement, it should be considered an advertisement on an attorney, I sell my services, and you can find me online at copyright, trademark lawyer, calm, or at eight, you can give our office a call at 888-632-6623 Now getting to the topic of the video today. What is a trademark class, what’s the trademark class. So the first thing I have to say is that this videos is really for federal United States Patent Trademark Office trademark registration classes this does not extend to your local state trademark registration. This video is not intended to be for foreign nations, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, anywhere like that this is really focused on United States trademark registration although, you know, many of these countries are party to the nice agreement, you know, this is for a USPTO. Now the purpose of the trademark classes is that they are meant to distinguish different types of goods and services. And so, you know, you don’t just get a trademark for everything, even though you know you see some companies that have a trademark for everything so like look at Nike right they have to trademarks in almost every single class save trademarks all over the place. Well it’s because they’ve registered Nike in multiple different classes on different types of goods and services, but their trademark classes to distinguish types of goods and services so you know if you have a trademark and a pharmaceutical, it may not necessarily reach to, you know wines and spirits, you know, same thing. Why, that way you can see, you know, sometimes you have, you know one company will just say, you know, ABC, ABC whatever is a very common, you know, kind of company name or Acme maybe have Acme pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical class and you have Acme for you know telecommunication services and so on like that, so that’s why you can have trademark sync trademark different classes protects different things. And like I said, the trademark registration only protects you only provides protection for that class which the mark is registered in, you know, so again if you have a trademark for a software as a good sell say you sell software on a disk, and it’s called you know buzzing software I don’t know I just made up a word, Zynga software, you know, that won’t provide protection if you decide to sell, you know T shirts with your Zynga logo on it, you know, it doesn’t protect you from people selling T shirts with word Zynga on it, or toys named Zynga, you only get protection for the software as a service or software as a good. And so, next one I do this is gonna be kind of boring but I’m gonna do it anyways, I’m gonna kind of read out the different trademark classes there are for goods. So here, here’s the list class one is for chemicals class two, is for paints class three is for cosmetics and cleaning preparations class four is lubricants and fuels class five is pharmaceuticals class six is metal goods class seven is machinery class. Eight is hand tools, class nine is electrical and scientific apparatus class 10 is medical apparatus class 11 is environmental control apparatus class 12 is vehicles class 13 is firearms class 14 is jewelry class 15 is musical instruments, class 16 is paper goods and printed matter class 17 is rubber goods, class 18 is leather goods, class 19 is non metallic building materials, class 20 is furniture and articles not otherwise classified. So I, I don’t know I’m not getting into that I’ll get to that I’m just you know I’m gonna do videos on all these classes individually. I just was thinking like, what furniture articles not otherwise classified can account with well, come up with off top my head, I guess like some made up popcorn Styrofoam,

I don’t know what’s figured out, class 21 is housewares and glass class 22 is cordage and fibers class 23 is yarns and threads class 24 is fabrics trademark class 25 is clothing class 26 is fancy goods, class 27 is floor coverings class 28 is toys and sporting goods, class 29 is meats and processed foods, class 30 is staple foods class 31 is natural, agricultural products, class 32 is light beverages class 33 is wines and spirits and class 34 smokers’ articles so those first 34 classes are all for goods. So, physical, tangible things goods. The next few classes 10 classes are for services. So services again are things that are not tangible, they’re not physical, they’re, they’re things that you provide a service for so class 35 is advertising in business class 36 is insurance and financial class 37 is building construction and repair class 38 is telecommunication class 39 Is transportation and storage class 40 is treatment of materials, class 41 is education, entertainment, class 42 is computer and scientific class 43 is hotels and restaurants, class 44 is medical beauty and agricultural and class 45 is personal and legal so a lot of things I get trademarks for follow that class 45 in the legal trademark class so that’s mostly where I personally for my business will get my trademarks or work with clients and all the trademark classes, I’m happy to work with you in your classes, you know a lot of the ones are the very popular ones you see clothing is very popular. I think it’s very entry level for small businesses clothing is a popular one. I see lots of types of food so whether it’s you know, processed foods or staple foods, or even beverages, we see a lot of small businesses in that realm because you get lots of people in that marketplace. You don’t see as much, you know, in some of the others because it’s not as, you know, consumer friendly where you need to really establish yourself in the marketplace, but anyways, get my office coffee want to learn more about trademarks I’m a trademark attorney, doing trademark registration and also do copyrights so I can help you distinguish the two. Reach out to us at copyright, trademark lawyer calm again my name is Brian Russ, Brian Russ, but really find me a copyright, trademark You can give us a call 888-632-6623. Till next time, Have a good one.

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