Finding a Small Claims Lawyer Near You

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Hey this is attorney Brian Russ. The Small Claims Lawyer coming to you with another YouTube video on small claims lawyer topics. Today’s video is pretty straightforward. It’s small claims, how to find A Small Claims Lawyer Near Me. You’re looking for a lawyer, near you. First off, you know, as I said I’m the small claims lawyer I serve California clients, California matters. You should go to my website Or give us a call at 888-632-6623 We’ll see if we can help you with your case.

 Now before I start on the topic before I really get into how you can find a lawyer near you, I have to give you a few disclaimers. The first disclaimer is nothing in this video constitutes legal advice, I’m not your attorney. This video is provided for informational and educational purposes only. So first off, this is not legal advice. Next, you need to retain an attorney to help you with your situation, again this video is not fact specific it is not specific situation or person specific, so if you need help with your situation, you need to find a attorney who can apply law to your facts. Next no attorney-client relationship forms by your viewing this video. Again, I’m just an attorney who happens to have a YouTube channel and you are have viewer who’s watching this, but no attorney-client relationship forms. Finally, to the extent this video can be considered an advertisement, it should be considered an advertisement I’m a lawyer, I sell my services, and I want you to contact my office, we’ll see if we can work together.

Now, to get to the main topic is, you know, a Small Claims Lawyer Near Me. And so that’s why I always, you know, hear a lot people say oh one lawyer who’s near me who can help me now. One of the things I want to make clear is in California, and again I’m a California lawyer helping California clients with California Small Claims matters. You can get a lawyer from anywhere, and I have worked with clients in nearly every single county in California with small claims. So whether, whether it’s up north in Mendocino, or the Eureka area, down south in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, Ventura County, any of those. I’ve worked with clients there. And so I want you to know. First off, is that I serve clients all throughout California, and most the time people say well I want a lawyer near me, it really doesn’t matter. The law is the law is the law, and a good lawyer will be able to help you wherever they’re situated, it’s also I say I can help people all throughout the state of California because my office has experience with the court systems in every county, nearly every county.

And, you know, we are aware of the particularities of each county. And if we aren’t, we’re gonna find them out. And really, it doesn’t matter if you have a brick and mortar, if your attorney has a brick and mortar store, or if like my office, we’re a virtual office so that means we’re much more nimble, much more able to help people quickly, and we have much lower overheads, we can provide services at a greater rate, or better rate than pretty much anybody else. So that’s one of the key things, you know I serve clients, all throughout California. There’s Los Angeles, San Diego, here in the Bay San Francisco, Oakland Contra Costa County wherever you are in Sacramento County Yolo County placer Eldorado, we’re serving clients everywhere. So the first thing is if you want to find a lawyer near you, a small claims lawyer near you is reach out to my office. We’re near you. We’re going to help you out. We can do it next year maybe you’re watching this, you’re from Nevada or Delaware or something, you just Google you Google Small Claims lawyer, look it up on Yelp. You can find a good lawyer there, look at the reviews.

Always read the reviews you know a lot of people say oh they want somebody to five stars look, a good lawyer is not going to have a perfect five star rating because they’re going to piss somebody off they’re gonna make somebody mad and they’re gonna go in there and try to bomb their reviews. It’s happened to me. You know that that’s the way that’s why we do business, is that you know a good lawyer. You know is gonna get into disputes with people is going to advocate for their clients zealously and, you know eventually somebody will think they’re being being wise and they’re going to evolve our reviews well quite frankly that just shows you, you know, if you’re, if the lawyers effective. Finally, you know the last way you can try my small claims lawyers, you can reach out to your local bar association usually counties, there’s a County Bar Association yellow bar association, Sacramento Bar Association so and then sometimes they have lawyer referral services, quite frankly, most of the time I find that they do not have lawyer referral services for small claims because most lawyers don’t want to work in small claims most lawyers want other cases. And that’s one of these that makes me unique is that I will take on your small claims case I will help you through the process I’ll walk, walk with you through that process. So again, if you want to learn more about my services, go to the small claims lawyer calm is my. So that’s the website you can give us a call, 888-632-6623 and we’ll help you out. All right, thanks.

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